1. Sage Francis
    Providence, Rhode Island
  2. B. Dolan
    Providence, Rhode Island
  3. Scroobius Pip
    London, UK
  4. Cecil Otter
  5. Cas One Vs Figure
    Evansville, Indiana
  6. Prolyphic
    Providence, Rhode Island
  7. Dope KNife
    Savannah, Georgia
  8. Wheelchair Sports Camp
    Denver, Colorado
  9. Metermaids
    Brooklyn, New York
  10. Duncan Jewett
    Santa Fe, New Mexico
  11. Sleep of Oldominion
    Portland, Oregon
  12. Buddy Peace
    London, UK
  13. Buck 65
    Toronto, Ontario
  14. dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip
    London, UK
  15. No Bird Sing
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
  16. Reanimator
    Chicago, Illinois
  17. 2Mex
    Los Angeles, California
  18. Curtis Plum
    Boise, Idaho
  19. The Returners
    Los Angeles, California
  20. Aupheus
    London, UK
  21. Kurtis SP
    Brisbane, Australia
  22. Prayers For Atheists
    Providence, Rhode Island


Strange Famous Records Providence, Rhode Island

SFR is on the lunatic fringe of hip hop with a roster consisting of the most inventive artists in independent music. SFR was founded by Sage Francis in 1996 as a way to release his own music, expanded tenfold in 2005 & now boasts some of the best independent hip-hop acts from around the world.

Visit us at SFRstore.com, our trustworthy boutique webstore for underground and indie hiphop product.
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